Active Release Techniques


We offer Active Release Techniques treatments for $100 to individuals, athletes & patients. Provider is of a masters level certificate and an instructor. Initial assessment for first time patients $75.

After meeting with you we can create custom sessions that are tailored to your needs with combinations of massage and A.R.T..


"I was in a rollover accident in February 2012. I have been to many doctors, therapists and specialists in Canada along with lots of imaging; no one could help me or explain to me as to why I could not bear weight on my leg. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester also could not offer me any help. After 2 1/2 years of being in a wheelchair and unable to work, I was finally referred to A Touch Above Massage, LLC in Colorado Springs. That's where I met Matthew. Matthew gave me my legs back. I was receiving Active Release Technique treatment for major nerve entrapment. After 11 weeks I am now walking with a normal gait and am able to leave the wheelchair behind! Matthew has always been looking out for my best interest; he has a great personality and always friendly. Without Matthew and A Touch Above Massage I would still be in constant and severe pain and be dependant on my family for the rest of my life. I can't thank Matthew enough for giving me my life back!"

Thanks again

I. Poetker

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